Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hmm it have been a week and school life is just tat boring. -so dead-
2 days ago, Friday, went tampines to catch this movie 17 again with dear (: Wasn't that bad right hubbie? Dont always go for those ACTION movies lurhs. -slap u*-

Yesterday, as we reached east coast, we suppose to go cycling but due to the super hot weather, we ended up in the arcade above the bowling centre for the whole afternoon lurhs. But since u say will go cycling the next time we go ECP, den.. okay lor. (: However, did enjoy ourselves dere playing all those games espeically the 'rock fever'.=) Went Subway for dinner nearby and headed back to the arcade again till around 8+pm b4 leaving.
Bought a cup of pearly soya milk when we reached bedok inter and sat down while waiting for my bro, we saw this small little gal playing the stupid car dam funny, so 'gong' sia kept banging other ppl and other cars like nobody biz. Then the miad oso funny keep running around to ask her turn here and dere. Laughing like mad sia. hahahahs.. She totally hack care other ppl jus go the way she wants to. dam funny.

Enjoy myself spending the time with you these few days..


Monday, April 20, 2009

Comm session

Comm Session (The Hell of Gate) was indeed a freaking hell for me i swear! 4 hrs.. Sitting in that talk for 4 hrs!! I believed 99.999% people sitting in there, suffered as much as I do. =/ Anw today Moses had shown us 1 of the videos which i find it very interesting and wanna share it to the people ard mi..

please Click here as the embedding disabled by request. (:

Isn't it a miracle? An ordinary, plain and unemployed person like Susan can actually became so well known and famous just after she was given a chance to sing on stage! Even just b4 she started singing, the audiences and the judges laughing at her doubting her ability.
BUT, she proved them all wrong! This made me realised how tiny and uncertain i was and used to be in just completing my years in TP, not to mention about fulfilling my dreams.



Friday, April 17, 2009

Went to East Coast tis morning with dear to have some quiet time tgt as well as for lunch (:
Happy spending time with hubbie lurhs!!! We had a 20-30 min walk all the way from lagoon to the another end, Mac donald despite the hot and sunny sun.. CLAPSsss.!!
Yep indeed a hot day; After which met up with 5A at KFC for a dinner gathering with a sticky body and red cheeks. =X
Instead of 11, only 7 turned up for the gathering. =( soo sad, so disappointing..
Whats more.. 2 left early, 4 souls (daina, jb, ken and me) playing 'heart attack' and 1 loner playing his ipod game... Not long, ken and the loner left.. Isint tat pathetic?? left with diana, jb and myself playing big 2. LOLX! Hmm ard 9pm, diana headed hm, jb den walked mi to my area dere and took a bus to his fren's place.

Yea tats for the day...


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Peepss!! welcome to my new blog again=)
Hopefully this blog will not die tat fast again. x)
Hmm, wad am i doing these few days? well... u know PLAY is my forte! hahax..

Anw jus got back hm ytd after a 3D2N chalet, a fun loving sec 5A chalet!!! its reali enjoyable and fun wif them guys ard.. i oready miss the chalet since last nitex :( how i wish the time wif them can be longer!
The phototakings wif my galfrens, the chattings with 5A, the card games (big 2 and heart attack) and the EARLY cycling wif bin and john to red house were indeed unforgettable!
i miss them !
i love them !