Monday, April 20, 2009

Comm session

Comm Session (The Hell of Gate) was indeed a freaking hell for me i swear! 4 hrs.. Sitting in that talk for 4 hrs!! I believed 99.999% people sitting in there, suffered as much as I do. =/ Anw today Moses had shown us 1 of the videos which i find it very interesting and wanna share it to the people ard mi..

please Click here as the embedding disabled by request. (:

Isn't it a miracle? An ordinary, plain and unemployed person like Susan can actually became so well known and famous just after she was given a chance to sing on stage! Even just b4 she started singing, the audiences and the judges laughing at her doubting her ability.
BUT, she proved them all wrong! This made me realised how tiny and uncertain i was and used to be in just completing my years in TP, not to mention about fulfilling my dreams.