Saturday, April 4, 2009

Peepss!! welcome to my new blog again=)
Hopefully this blog will not die tat fast again. x)
Hmm, wad am i doing these few days? well... u know PLAY is my forte! hahax..

Anw jus got back hm ytd after a 3D2N chalet, a fun loving sec 5A chalet!!! its reali enjoyable and fun wif them guys ard.. i oready miss the chalet since last nitex :( how i wish the time wif them can be longer!
The phototakings wif my galfrens, the chattings with 5A, the card games (big 2 and heart attack) and the EARLY cycling wif bin and john to red house were indeed unforgettable!
i miss them !
i love them !