Friday, April 17, 2009

Went to East Coast tis morning with dear to have some quiet time tgt as well as for lunch (:
Happy spending time with hubbie lurhs!!! We had a 20-30 min walk all the way from lagoon to the another end, Mac donald despite the hot and sunny sun.. CLAPSsss.!!
Yep indeed a hot day; After which met up with 5A at KFC for a dinner gathering with a sticky body and red cheeks. =X
Instead of 11, only 7 turned up for the gathering. =( soo sad, so disappointing..
Whats more.. 2 left early, 4 souls (daina, jb, ken and me) playing 'heart attack' and 1 loner playing his ipod game... Not long, ken and the loner left.. Isint tat pathetic?? left with diana, jb and myself playing big 2. LOLX! Hmm ard 9pm, diana headed hm, jb den walked mi to my area dere and took a bus to his fren's place.

Yea tats for the day...



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