Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yesterday met up with allex, shitong and sufang at bedok inter. We took 197 to Clarke quey and thanks to Sufang's 'good sense of direction', we missed the stop and only realising it after 6 stops from our destination. hahax.. We then crossed the overhead bridge and took 197 back. Instead of looking for jobs which is the main purpose of this meet-up, we were like enjoying ourselves walking and playing around.
As we reached the mall, we headed to the toilet and then to the basement hunting for some finger food.. We went in this "PASTA de WARAKU" and asked whether they are recruiting part-timers and YES they are recruiting!! There's this staff who was kind enough to give us a card and asked us to go to their main office at Shaw house for interview. We then tried cont to look ard and ended up in basement again! We then passed by this 'Sticky' shop which is very well-known for their sweets!! We lingered there for quite a time due to our curiosity for the first time ever seeing how they make sweets. Its dam cool and interesting and each of us bought a pack of it. =)
After which we decided to go for CLAY POT RICE at Chinatown!! But sad that sufang had to leave us to meet up jusitn for dinner. =(
Guess what, the gong allex aka chiwawa ordered a super huge pot for the 3 of us (allex, tong and myself) when we still ordered a bowl of soup each. When the clay pot arrived on our table, we were like "WAH!" den we started reprimand allex for ordering such a big pot!
See! Wasnt it huge!!!
Hurr.. Thats it.. I cant take it anymore!!!!
Allex had 5 bowls of it! WOW!
Shitong had touched her 4th bowl. NOT BAD!
Xinyi had broke her record of having 2 and a 1/2 bowl! CLAPSS!
Freaking full and a walk is what we need. We walked and took super long to figure out the way to bugis.. During our journey to bugis, I then remembered I had jap class ! Awww and i misssed it again.. =X
We left bugis for home at around 9+ pm and thats my day.